Movies That Rock: Horrible Bosses

I have to admit that I wasn’t planning to watch Horrible Bosses, but I do love Jason Bateman (did anyone else watch It’s Your Move way back when?) so I thought it might not be the worst thing I could do to end a perfect lazy Sunday. While there were parts of the movie during which I was a tiny bit bored, I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it is, and it had more than just a few laugh out loud moments.

The soundtrack for the movie, on the other hand, did not waiver in the slightest. The very first song is by Spoon, a band I’m very familiar with, and there are plenty of other songs that I had not heard before but will be very pleased to hear again. Also, I did not know that one of the co-writers is the lovely John Francis Daley aka Dr. Sweets/frontman for Dayplayer. Now if only Jamie Foxx had thrown in a song or two.

The Underdog – Spoon

Learn to Lose – Hockey

Sydney – Brett Dennen

How You Like Me Now? – The Heavy

That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

Perfect Day  – The Constellations

MoneyGrabber – Fitz and the Tantrums


Movies That Rock: Transformers – Dark of the Moon

The soundtrack for Transformers: Dark of the Moon really isn’t for the fainthearted. With the exception of a handful of songs, think pulsating drums, electrifying guitar and some loud – and I mean loud – singing. It’s my own personal music heaven.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard some really good hard rock, and Transformers does not disappoint. My favourite song on the album by far is Skillet’s Awake and Alive, which makes me want to sing/scream at the top of my lungs. When I’m done with that, I plan to move on to My Chemical Romance, Theory of a Deadman, Taking Back Sunday and Art of Dying, and when my vocals chords are about to give way end with the fairly mellow new Goo Goo Dolls track.

Seeing as I haven’t seen either the first or second Transformers movies I probably won’t find myself at the theater for the latest installment in the franchise, but I will definitely be listening to the soundtrack on repeat.

Movies That Rock: Eclipse

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of the Twilight series, so please don’t mistake me for one.

Seriously. The only reason I got throught Twilight was because I found it hilarious and also fell asleep at one point. All the bad acting and bad dialogue have been a strong inducement for refusing to watch any more of the series. That said, let’s get on to business here.

The soundtrack of the latest movie in the franchise – Eclipse – is fantastic. With artists like Metric, Muse, Sia, Fanfarlo, Beck, Bat for Lashes, Vampire Weekend, Cee Lo Green, Florence + The Machine, and The Bravery contributing, it’s difficult to tear yourself away from listening to the album several times over. My favourites are VW’s Jonathan Low, Fanfarlo’s Atlas, and Metric’s Eclipse. The movie’s producers have capitalised on the strategy that works for shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl: masking questionable content with stellar music.

You can buy the soundtrack either at Amazon or iTunes.

PS: The picture choice for this post is intentional because I think Dakota Fanning rocks (Man on Fire, anyone?) and refuse to jump on the Team Edward/Team Jacob bandwagon.

Movies That Rock: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist


On a lazy Sunday afternoon a few months ago, I chanced upon the trailer for Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Back then I hadn’t heard of the book that the movie’s based on, but it already sounded like a fun movie so I watched the trailer. I was instantly hooked because (a) I love Michael Cera, (b) Kat Dennings is just so pretty, and (c) the song in the trailer sounded fabulous.

Watching the movie recently, I realised that the movie’s less about music – apart from the elusive (and fictional) band Where’s Fluffy? – and more about Nick and Norah’s quest to find Fluffy and Norah’s drunk friend Caroline, but it definitely has one of the best soundtracks in recent years.

Devendra Banhart, We Are Scientists, Bishop Allen, Band of Horses, Takka Takka, Richard Hawley and Project Jenny Project Jan are just some of the few artists that rock the movie. The soundtrack is a must listen – and the movie is a must watch – for anyone that loves music and movies.