About Me

I’m a lawyer (no longer in training), photographer in my spare time, and self-confessed music junkie. The last one is definitely the most fun.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I loved perusing your site, I myself am also a music junkie 😀 I would like to recommend one of my most recent favorites: Regina Spektor. I think I am lucky to have stumbled upon her magical music before she becomes absolutely mainstream, but I believe she is definitley on her way to stardom. She has this incredible ability to make many listeners fall in love with her. Not only that, but she is awesomely unique due to the fact that she does not write narratively, but rather writes based on observations of people in the every day world infused with fiction. an even further recommendation is to listen to her earlier albums, such as Mary Anne and The Gravediggers, or Soviet Kitsch. She is simply amazing and I urge any music-appreciator to give her a listen.

  2. Hey, cool site! Check out: Spleen United, The Rumour Said fire, The Raveonettes…
    Love Nick and Nora aswell – fantastic music!

  3. hi, just discovered your site this evening, absolutely lovely, what is the web address? I’m looking at it as part of viewing pictures of the band Owl City, who I just heard for the first time this evening – all and all, a great night!! Owl City and your site, best night I’ve had in a long time – yes, I realize this sounds a bit sad, but that’s ok – Fireflies is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, I’m listening to the album right now, it’s awesome. Thank you so much for putting time into your site, I can’t wait to see what music you’ll introduce me to, can’t thank you enough.


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