Must Hear: Sick and Twisted Affair – My Darkest Days

Few things make me happier than the sound of guitars, drums, and loud vocals, or, as one of my friends likes to call it, “shouty music”. But what sounds like noise to some is most definitely music to my ears.

Canadian band My Darkest Days were discovered by Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger and are signed to Kroeger’s label 604 Records. This might be an immediate reason for several of you to never listen to them (or perhaps never read this blog again), but I strongly urge you to just press play in the video below and give them a fair listen before deciding whether or not to transfer your hatred of Nickelback onto My Darkest Days as well.

When I made my sister (who is a musician and much choosier than me about what she listens to) listen to Sick and Twisted Affair, her first reaction was that it has a very ’80s vibe. In my book, that is definitely a good thing.


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