Artist Alert: AWOLNATION

Last year was particularly stressful for me at work, so the few hours I had at home during which I wasn’t asleep weren’t spent looking for musicians unknown to me but rather new music from artists I already knew and liked. I was mildly intrigued when the name AWOLNATION popped up over and over again as I browsed the music blogs but didn’t pay much attention beyond making a mental note to check them out at some point.

Then my sister introduced me to Sail from the album Megalithic Symphony, and I instantly went to YouTube to listen to more from what turned out to be an absolutely fantastic album. One quick Amazon purchase later, Megalithic Symphony is playing ninety percent of the time on my iPod. While I did listen to the album’s best song first, the rest far from disappoints. I particularly like Jump On My Shoulders and Guilty Filthy Soul.

It’s refreshing to find new music that doesn’t sound like anything you hear on the radio (well, radio in Mumbai anyway). Others can have their Top 40. I’ll take AWOLNATION over that any day.



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