Movies That Rock: Horrible Bosses

I have to admit that I wasn’t planning to watch Horrible Bosses, but I do love Jason Bateman (did anyone else watch It’s Your Move way back when?) so I thought it might not be the worst thing I could do to end a perfect lazy Sunday. While there were parts of the movie during which I was a tiny bit bored, I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it is, and it had more than just a few laugh out loud moments.

The soundtrack for the movie, on the other hand, did not waiver in the slightest. The very first song is by Spoon, a band I’m very familiar with, and there are plenty of other songs that I had not heard before but will be very pleased to hear again. Also, I did not know that one of the co-writers is the lovely John Francis Daley aka Dr. Sweets/frontman for Dayplayer. Now if only Jamie Foxx had thrown in a song or two.

The Underdog – Spoon

Learn to Lose – Hockey

Sydney – Brett Dennen

How You Like Me Now? – The Heavy

That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

Perfect Day  – The Constellations

MoneyGrabber – Fitz and the Tantrums


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