Mic Check: Live From The Console, 5th edn.

For those of you not in the know, I love taking photographs. LOVE. Why is this relevant on a music blog, you ask? Because this past weekend I had the pleasure of taking photographs at the fifth edition of Live from the Console, a fantastic platform for Indian musicians to perform original music (and the occasional cover) to a crowded house. And for the people of Mumbai who are starved for good live gigs to attend and discover new music, Live from the Console is a definite must-visit event each month.

Before this November edition of the Console, which featured Vernon Noronha, Spud in the Box, and Peter Cat Recording Co., I had only attended two editions and loved the performances by Medusa (now known as Sky Rabbit) and sonaluna + Tek. On November 12, however, the line-up for the Console was not only consistent in how good all three artists/bands were but was also indicative of just how much under-explored Indian talent there is that definitely deserves to be heard.

My pick for the best song of the night: Pariquel by Peter Cat Recording Co.

Needless to say, all the photographs in this post were taken by yours truly.

Vernon Noronhna

Spud in the Box

Peter Cat Recording Co.


7 thoughts on “Mic Check: Live From The Console, 5th edn.

  1. I keep missing Live from the Console for one reason or the other. Hopefully, in December I can make amends

    BTW – the link for Sonaluna is wrong. Check it

    • You should definitely try to catch the December gig! They’re always fun and have some great music.

      Thanks for the tip on the link, it’s fixed now.

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