Artist Alert: Fleet Foxes

Photo by Sean Pecknold

I either used to have a closed mind towards folk music, or I just hadn’t heard the right folk music until last year. At the mere mention of folk music I would start snoring (or, if I wanted to be polite, would just smile while my eyes glazed over as I thought about something else) because, really, folk music is just boring, right? Oh how wrong I was. And if you haven’t heard Fleet Foxes, you must do so immediately to understand what I mean.

Their track White Winter Hymnal – and my introduction to the Seattle-based band – was very aptly in several Top 10 of 2008 lists, and their much-awaited album Helplessness Blues released in May 2011 to frenzy and accolades across the board. One of my favourite things about Fleet Foxes is their effortless and beautiful vocal harmonies that are present in every Fleet Foxes song I’ve heard so far. Second to this are their gorgeous music videos, several of which have been directed by Sean Pecknold (the older brother of vocalist Robin Pecknold). Be sure to watch the superb claymation video for White Winter Hymnal below.




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