Must Hear: Brutal Hearts – Bedouin Soundclash feat. Coeur de Pirate

Bedouin Soundclash performed at the Hard Rock Café in Mumbai some time last year, but I didn’t go for the gig because I hadn’t heard of them at the time. Then, as if the universe were either giving me a sign or taunting me, I started reading about them everywhere I looked online. It’s not an an easily forgettable name, so I listened to whatever I could find to figure out whether or not I had been an idiot by not going to the gig.

I had not. While their sound is pleasing, if you would, I am not really a reggae fan and quickly tired of their songs, with one notable exception – Brutal Hearts. They paired up with fellow Canadian musician Béatrice Martin – who goes by the stage name Coeur de Pirate – for their 2010 album Light the Horizon’s fourth track Brutal Hearts, in what could be described as a love song for people who aren’t looking for love. From it’s incredibly catchy opening notes to Jay Malinowski’s very sexy voice, Brutal Hearts is a winner from the word go. And if you like the sound of Malinowski/Martin together, I can guarantee you’ll like another song I’ll be posting before the year’s end.


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