Movies That Rock: Eclipse

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of the Twilight series, so please don’t mistake me for one.

Seriously. The only reason I got throught Twilight was because I found it hilarious and also fell asleep at one point. All the bad acting and bad dialogue have been a strong inducement for refusing to watch any more of the series. That said, let’s get on to business here.

The soundtrack of the latest movie in the franchise – Eclipse – is fantastic. With artists like Metric, Muse, Sia, Fanfarlo, Beck, Bat for Lashes, Vampire Weekend, Cee Lo Green, Florence + The Machine, and The Bravery contributing, it’s difficult to tear yourself away from listening to the album several times over. My favourites are VW’s Jonathan Low, Fanfarlo’s Atlas, and Metric’s Eclipse. The movie’s producers have capitalised on the strategy that works for shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl: masking questionable content with stellar music.

You can buy the soundtrack either at Amazon or iTunes.

PS: The picture choice for this post is intentional because I think Dakota Fanning rocks (Man on Fire, anyone?) and refuse to jump on the Team Edward/Team Jacob bandwagon.


Must Hear: Heartbeat – Yael Meyer

Yael Meyer’s Heartbeat starts with a fact: “Days are getting shorter life is speeding up”. Okay, well, not a fact per se, but one listen to Heartbeat and it’s very clear this lady knows that the secret to being happy in this increasingly stressful world is taking a step back and listening to your heart. From memories of castles made of blankets to simply playing in the mud, this Chilean native makes a strong case for going back to the basics to when life was happily simpler and we were simply happier.

If simply listening to Heartbeat doesn’t make you feel more cheerful, I really don’t know what will. A vacation, perhaps?