Artist Alert: Charlie Mars

You’d think I’d be tired of the Jason Mraz type singer-songwriters who make easy-breezy music with an acoustic guitar (and I thought I was too), but one listen to Charlie Mars and I knew I wasn’t done. Mars will soon be releasing Like a Bird, Like a Plane – which, it turns out, is his fifth studio album – on Rockingham Records with with musicians who have played for John Mayer, Fiona Apple, Jakob Dylan and Citizen Cope.

The video for Listen to the Darkside features girlfriend Mary-Louise Parker (who just keeps getting better looking in the manner of a person aging backwards), but my favourite song on the album is Meet Me by the Back Door that I’ve been listening to for a half hour now while dancing like a crazy person, which is making it very difficult to type. Mars’s mySpace page has these songs and more – the album version of Meet Me by the Back Door (which is so much better than the linked video above), the album’s title track (which sounds completely different from the other songs and very cool), and three others that are definitely worth a listen.