Artist Alert: She & Him

The dual profession of actress/singer has been tried and tested by numerous PYT’s over the years, some of whom have been stellar at both and some who just make me want to shoot myself (aka Miley Cyrus).

Thank God for Zooey Deschanel. The fairly-indie actress is now making very indie music as the “she” in She & Him, along with one of indie music’s favourite men – M. Ward. Only two albums old – aptly titled Volume One and Volume Two – and going strong, She & Him have a string of original songs as well as covers that are consistently excellent.

Volume One’s Why Do You Let Me Stay Here and Volume Two’s In The Sun and Thieves are some of my favourites by She & Him. Next on my wishlist: Zooey’s super talented husband Ben Gibbard (of The Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie fame) collaborating with the duo. She & Him are so fantastic on their own; can you imagine how unbelievable they would be with the Gibbard’s magic touch?


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