Artist Alert: KaiserCartel

If you’re a regular reader of MI, you’ll probably have noticed that I rarely feature bands/artists with female singers, and the reason for this is (and I realise I am about to make a sweeping generalisation) most female singers I’ve heard recently, despite having some great songs, have really screechy voices.

Enter KaiserCartel to prove me wrong. Not to be confused with Kaiser Chiefs – who are a very awesome band, if you have yet to hear them – is KaiserCartel, the Brooklyn based duo of Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel. Their music has a strong folk sound – strong particularly because of Kaiser’s powerful and not-at-all screechy voice that John Mellencamp though was good enough to have her as a backup singer.

They released their debut album March Forth on bluhammock music in June 2009 and spent most of last year touring across America. Their music can be heard on their mySpace page and you can buy CDs directly from their website.


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