Must Hear: Strange Love – Koop

If you live in Asia (and apparently Egypt or Puerto Rico), chances are you’ve already heard Koop’s Strange Love in the cute yet slightly creepy Coca Cola Open Happiness ad where two young doodlers in a library exchange the cola through their veins.

That’s where I first heard the song, and I Googled it to learn that Koop is a Swedish electronic duo comprised of Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson who create music exclusively by putting together hundreds of clips to create the final sound. A genius yet extremely time consuming process sounds fantastic but takes years to create.

The vocals on their tracks are, however, not sampled but entirely original. Lending her lovely voice to Strange Love is Norwegian singer Hilde Louise Asbjornsen.

I strongly recommend that anyone who likes music that’s easy to listen to (and fans of the afore blogged about Noouvelle Vague) listen to Strange Love. Just not as a soundtrack to the Coke ad though. It really is a little creepy.


One thought on “Must Hear: Strange Love – Koop

  1. Koop has a great sound. I have been clicking all over youtube to hear more!

    I can’t help but draw comparisons with Zero 7 despite the vastly differing production.

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