Artist Alert: Landon Pigg


I have the biggest crush on Landon Pigg.

Seriously. Big. Crush. With his new album The Boy Who Never, Landon returns with swoon worthy music that just makes your heart felt. Whoever the subject of his songs is is one seriously lucky lady and obviously a fantastic muse.

Blue Skies is probably the best song I’ve heard about trying to move on from a relationship, and it made me wonder – if he can write to eloquently about break ups, imagine what he can do with falling in love? The answer is Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop, which, the first time I heard it, literally gave me the chills. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also very cute.

You can hear some of Landon’s music on his mySpace page and watch the video for Falling In Love on YouTube. Don’t forget to visit his website for a free download of A Ghost from his new album.


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