Artist Alert: Jonathan Jeremiah


It seems that it would be fairly simple to find a biography on the internet for almost any singer/musician/band/pianist aka pretty much anyone who can carry a tune and has released a record, but Jonathan Jeremiah seems to be the exception. So far all I’ve learned about him is that he’s from London and is on Rosario Records, so that’s not a lot of information to go by.

His music, however, needs few words to explain just how fantastic it is. See has an old-world charm that makes me imagine a wood-panelled room with ladies in their most elegant gowns and pearls sipping on the finest whiskey while the tuxedoed men smoke their cigars. Somewhere in that mental image there’s also a couple dancing while James Bond chats up the ladies. Happiness is another song that perfectly showcases his rich vocals with a host of string instruments courtesy an orchestra.

Jeremiah’s mySpace page doesn’t, unfortunately, have many songs on it, but there are several remixes of Happiness that are worth a listen. Music hasn’t sounded so good in a long time, and I hope to hear much more from him in the very near future.


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