Artist Alert: Spoon


My friends Jen and Mike have awesome taste in music, and, on my recent trip to visit them, they introduced me to one of my new favourite bands Spoon. Named after the theme song of the German movie Das Messer, Spoon are a quartet from Austin, Texas, who have been signed with Merge Records since 2000 and released their latest album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (?) in 2007.

I guess Spoon could be considered a rock band, but what I really like about their music is that is sounds different in each song while still sounding like Spoon. That may sound like an impossibility, yet Spoon manage to pull it off. You can listen for yourself on their MySpace page (I absolutely love The Ghost Of You Lingers), or watch a video for their cover of Paul Simon’s Peace Like A River. And the kind band that they are, Spoon if offering tons of free downloads of their music on their official website and on the Merge Records Spoon page. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Artist Alert: Spoon

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