Artist Alert: Phoenix


Seeing as they’ve been around for ages, Phoenix are deservedly very famous; but, as no one other than me and the members of my immediate family seem to have heard them or heard of them here in India, I’ve decided that Phoenix are a band very worthy of an Artist Alert on the blog.

The French quartet hail from Versailles – home of legendary French bands Air and Daft Punk – and, despite being signed to EMI, Astralwerks and V2, still describe themselves on their MySpace page as an indie band (one of many reasons why I love them.)

Their music has a very feel-good sound, thanks largely to the always upbeat tunes, no matter what they’re singing about. With the release of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix earlier this year, the band has shown that they just keep getting better with time.

You can watch videos for some great Phoenix tracks – 1901 (terrible video, great song), If I Ever Feel Better, Run Run Run, Consolation Prizes – and my favourite song from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Lisztomania.


Must Hear: All The King’s Men – Wild Beasts


Wild Beasts have been hailed for some time now as one of the best new bands to watch out for. I, unfortunately, only discovered them earlier this week.

The group is called Wild Beasts and the song is called All The King’s Men…clearly, I had to listen just to see what it was about! One word to describe it – FABULOUS.

The band is relatively new (formed in 2002) in Kendal, England and just released their second album Two Dancers on Domino Records. The video for All The King’s Men is creepy yet enchanting at the same time, with the Beasts dressed as monks in some magical-type forest. For some strange reason, it reminds me of Keats’s La Belle Dame Sans Merci. Yes, I know, I am a nerd.