Must Hear: Song In D – Mock Orange


Photo by Chris Strong

There are many, many indie artists I check out weekly, and three things help catch my eye – (a) an interesting band name, (b) a funky album cover, or (c) a very good band/artist picture. Mock Orange struck gold with two out of the three.

Having no idea that their name was derived from a flower (or that the band has actually been around for at least a decade), I paused mid-scroll and read the brief review of their track Song In D. Next to the review was a thumbnail of the album cover for Captain Love, the awesomeness of which suffice it to say I have no words to describe, so I’ll just add it to this post.


As aforementioned, I love rock. On my first listen to Song In D, I was hooked just by the intro riff. The video is quite bizarre but if you can wrap your head around it and just enjoy the song, it’s definitely worth at least one watch.


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