Artist Alert: Miike Snow


For the longest time, I thought Miike Snow was some guy who decide numerology worked for him and so changed the way he spelled “Mike”.  Unimpressed by numerology and the hype that surrounds it, I stayed away from all the mp3 streams I found.

Thankfully, curiosity got the better of me a few months later when I couldn’t stop reading about Miike Snow everywhere I went, and I thought, “Miike Snow seems to have good taste in music himself, seeing as he collaborates with bands like Passion Pit and Peter Bjorn and John”.

Turns out Miike Snow is not one person but three – Andrew Wyatt, Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg – who, seven years after they first met, formed the group in 2007 and set on a band name influenced by Japanese director Takashi Miike. Their debut album was released by Downtown Records in May 2009 and includes two absolutely fabulous songs – Animal and Burial. Do check out Burial, which has a very interesting video that was filmed in India by Daniel Wirtberg and Jonas Rudström.


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