Must Hear: Peak – Dayplayer


I’m a sucker for all the TV crime shows – think Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, etc. – and one of my favourites is Fox’s Bones. I also love Bones’s John Francis Daley, who joined the cast in season 3 as FBI psychologist Dr. Lance Sweets. Turns out, as I found out just about an hour ago, Daley is also in the rock band Dayplayer.

It’s pretty obvious that curiosity got the better of me, and I looked up Dayplayer to try and find some songs to listen to. I found Peak, which I absolutely love, love, LOVE. Daley is a very talented singer, but the best part about this band is that it’s not just a famous lead singer and a bunch of other guys.

All five members of Dayplayer – Daley, Peter Potyondy, Luke Hall, Tien Nguyen and Matt Fleming – contribute to the song, and, as is evident from their varying musical influences (from Van Morrison, Wilco, Stevie Wonder, Radiohead, 311, and Joe Satriani, to name just a few) the band can’t really be described as sounding like anybody else – Peak has a sound that seems very unique to Dayplayer.


Must Hear: Revolution In The Heart – Ed Harcourt

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Ed Harcourt is in good company. The British singer/songwriter/pianist’s former label Heavenly Records (distributed by EMI) also houses artists like Doves, The Magic Numbers, The Vines, and Manic Street Preachers, while his present label Dovecote Records has a whole bunch of very interesting sounding artists I must check out.

Harcourt has released multiple albums so far, and I’m a little ashamed to say that I haven’t heard any of them so far, because the one Ed Harcourt song that I do know I absolutely love.

Revolution In The Heart may not really sound like it’s about anything, but in Harcourt’s own words it’s his “I-don’t-care-who-you-are, Thunder Road number” about Marxists, police, junkies, gangsters, prostitutes, bailiffs, fanatics, the idiot savant and the veteran who fights all his demons late at night with an opening beat of drums and guitar that accompany some incredibly catchy piano riffs.

Mic Check: Outlandish, Mumbai, 8th July 2009


It isn’t often that international artists perform in Mumbai, and very often the few that do so aren’t worth watching. So when I heard that Outlandish would be performing at the Hard Rock Café – a smaller and more personal venue than, say, a stadium – I knew at once it was a show I didn’t want to miss.

Outlandish are a Danish hip hop group with a twist. It comprises of Waqas (right, of Pakistani origin), Lenny (centre, of Honduran origin) and Isam (left, of Moroccan origin and my future husband). Their ethnic diversity adds cultural and global influences in their music to give you hip hop that’s in English, Spanish, Hindi, and Moroccan.

Before the concert I didn’t really know too many of Outlandish’s songs, but whatever I had heard I’d liked. So I braved the crowds (I didn’t know the Hard Rock could hold that many people, albeit quite uncomfortably) and balanced precariously on a step in a manner that ended up being quite a workout for my abs and thighs, while my sister sat on someone else’s table and my brother-in-law didn’t move from his spot all night lest he should lose it, but I have to say it was completely worth it.

Outlandish are one of those bands that are so, so much better live than through your headphones. The energy in their performance radiated through the crowd – which they know how to work – and they performed some of their best songs by mixing them up. Hindi rap over Black Eyed Peas’s Boom Boom Pow early on in the night made it evident this wasn’t going to be a run of the mill concert.

The 90-minute set even included a short tribute to Michael Jackson, complete with an amusing attempt to moonwalk, and two guys from the audience rapping with the band. Even their backup singer, Johannes/Jonas (I didn’t quite catch his name amidst all the screaming girls) had an amazing voice.

I unfortunately don’t have any clips from the concert, but you can hear their album versions of some of my favourite songs – Peelo, Look Into My Eyes, Stick ‘Em Up (they performed a much more high energy version) , Rock All Day and Aicha (a cover of Khaled’s song). I will, however, be uploading pics from the concert soon.

Said sister is a music journalist and has now met the band three times. She was nice enough to get me an autograph, else I might not like her very much right about now.

Movies That Rock: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist


On a lazy Sunday afternoon a few months ago, I chanced upon the trailer for Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Back then I hadn’t heard of the book that the movie’s based on, but it already sounded like a fun movie so I watched the trailer. I was instantly hooked because (a) I love Michael Cera, (b) Kat Dennings is just so pretty, and (c) the song in the trailer sounded fabulous.

Watching the movie recently, I realised that the movie’s less about music – apart from the elusive (and fictional) band Where’s Fluffy? – and more about Nick and Norah’s quest to find Fluffy and Norah’s drunk friend Caroline, but it definitely has one of the best soundtracks in recent years.

Devendra Banhart, We Are Scientists, Bishop Allen, Band of Horses, Takka Takka, Richard Hawley and Project Jenny Project Jan are just some of the few artists that rock the movie. The soundtrack is a must listen – and the movie is a must watch – for anyone that loves music and movies.