Artist Alert: Kings Of Leon


So I’m going to break my own rule and write about Kings of Leon, who aren’t unsigned (their latest album was released on RCA) and aren’t indie, but they’re just so darned good that they deserve more than a mere mention on this blog.

Four Followills from Nashville, Tennessee – brothers Nathan, Caleb, Jared and their cousin Matthew –formed Kings of Leon in 2000 and have released multiple studio albums since. Their latest, Only By The Night, has been the only sound emanating from my iPod speakers for weeks now.

I first heard Kings of Leon when Sex On Fire played in the background somewhere on Gossip Girl. A few weeks later the video made in onto vh1, followed by the video for Use Somebody. By then I was intrigued by this new (to me) rock band with immense potential and acquired the album, and I was instantaneously hooked.

Among my favourite songs on this album, aside from the aforementioned, are Manhattan, Notion, 17 and Closer. If you haven’t heard them, visit their mySpace page and take a listen.


3 thoughts on “Artist Alert: Kings Of Leon

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