Artist Alert: Awesome New Republic


Photo by Peter Richardson

Not to be confused with OneRepublic, whom they sound nothing like, Awesome New Republic are a duo from Miami that make some kickass dance music that even has Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester singing along.

Yes, I admit, I was sucked into the whole “Leighton Meester ‘leaked’ the track Birthday” thing and that’s what prompted me to first listen to the band, but I was surprised to find that (a) Leighton Meester can actually sing, and (b) Birthday is a really good song.

Signed to indie label Honor Roll Music, Awesome New Republic released Rational Geographic Vol. I very recently, with volumes II and III to be released by the year’s end. The lovely young gentlemen that they are, they’re offering a free download of the entire album on their website, which contains the original, sans-Leighton Meester version of Birthday (which is even better) and standout tracks Dances When and Rotary Clone.


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