Must Hear: We’re In A Thunderstorm – Gentleman Reg


Photo by Norman Wong

Gentleman Reg is a very interesting name for a musician. Gentleman Reg is a very interesting musician.

The Canadian singer already released two full length albums in Canada, and his latest Jet Black (the first to reach the US) was released on Arts & Crafts in February 2009. I first heard Reg in a remix of his We’re In A Thunderstorm by Psapp – who I also love – and decided to snoop around online and hear some more of Reg’s music.

We’re In A Thunderstorm (the original unremixed version) is one of the catchiest, most fun songs I have ever heard. And I literally mean ever. I really am not a fan of the typical dance music DJs play in clubs, and so when I heard the opening chords of the song – which sound nothing like Psapp’s remixed opening chords – I was very apprehensive. But then Reg starts to sing and makes the song completely worth the listen. His vocals are the best part of the entire song, which is evident by the fact that the song sounds excellent both in the original and in the remix, the only constant being the vocals. Some songs can’t really be described with full justice, and We’re In A Thunderstorm is one of them. You just have to listen to it.


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