Must Hear: Let It Rain – Living Things

living things

There’s something about drums and electric guitars that makes me unexplainably happy.

Rock has long lived with the misconception that all rock songs consist of music so loud it sounds like just noise and vocalists that have perfected the art of screaming instead of singing. St. Louis rockers Living Things prove otherwise with the fabulous Let It Rain from their 2009 album Habeas Corpus released on Jive Records.

The band consists of brothers Lillian, Eve and Bosh Berlin and their friend Cory Becker who describe themselves as “political junkies high on the poet and the layman’s right to intellectual freedom” (the album title itself suggests that these young men are politically-minded). According to Eve Berlin, “we really value our Constitutional right to express ourselves. When somebody says ‘rock ’n’ roll,’ to me it means freedom, being who you are, running wild and letting it all hang out.”

More reasons why I love rock.


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