Artist Alert: The Idan Raichel Project


It’s actually a little sad that I have to write about an artist as renowed and talented as Idan Raichel in a blog about music that isn’t given the due recognition it deserves.

The Idan Raichel Project emerged in 2002 as an experiment by Idan Raichel, an Israeli keyboardist, producer, and composer, with astounding results. The Project marries the sounds of Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East with perfection to create music that breaks through geographical boundaries to bring simply beautiful songs to those aren’t afraid to listen to unconventional music.

The Project’s MySpace page has some excellent songs such as She’eriot Shel Ha’Chaim (Scraps of Life) and Mi’Ma’amakim (Out of the Depths), but I would strongly recommend listening to Im Telech (If You Go), Bo’ee (Come to Me) and Siyaishaya Ingoma (Sing Out of Love) if you can get them from iTunes. The good news is that the Project tours extensively over the world, including multiple US and European cities, so if you like what you hear you can always catch them live at a venue near you!


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