Must Hear: These Roses – Gin


Tempting as it is, I’ve resisted the urge to crack far too many corny “gin” puns. Instead, I’ve spent the past half hour doing some research on Gin Wigmore so I can post something that’s of value rather than tell you how gin the drink and I are well acquainted.

The 22-year-old from Auckland, New Zealand was recently signed to Universal Motown Records, and just one listen to These Roses makes it easy to see why. Gin’s voice sounds like a cross between Duffy’s and Macy Gray’s, and her music has an edgy yet blues-y tone that is addictive and blends perfectly with her raspy voice that the New York Post described as “cigarettes and whisky”.

These Roses works because of the simplicity in both the lyrics and the music. For the most part, Gin’s voice controls the song so well you barely pay attention to the minimal music (primarily the piano), and I for one was hooked from the first verse.

Watch These Roses on YouTube and then hope along with me that her debut album releases sooner rather than later.


3 thoughts on “Must Hear: These Roses – Gin

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