Artist Alert: Evan Voytas



It’s quite by accident that I discovered Evan Voytas (a link clicked from a link clicked from a link…something like that), but I’m very glad that I did. The 25-year-old’s songs are filled with epic music and perfect vocal harmonies that have catapulted him to the top of my list of favourite new artists.

Evan’s musical influences seem to span decades and defy conventions. He grew up listening to legends such as Elvis Presley and the Righteous Brothers and spent time hanging out with Franciscan friars, studying music in New York City and pioneering a modern jazz quartet before touring and performing with Teddy Geiger. This wide variety of experiences has given him a beautiful and unique sound that begs the question – why on earth doesn’t Evan Voytas have a recording contract yet and what can we do to change that?

You can listen to Evan’s music – I most definitely recommend I Live This Life Here For You – on his myspace page.


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