Must Hear: I Got You Dancing – Lady Sovereign


I defy anyone not to dance to Lady Sovereign’s I Got You Dancing. It’s nearly impossible – the chorus, especially, is so incredibly catchy I’ve found myself actually nodding along and swaying a little every time I listen to it (which can be embarassing when I’m out in public and listening to the song on headphones).

I Got You Dancing is Lady Sovereign’s sneak peak into her April 2009 release Jigsaw on EMI. The 23-year-old British rapper already has a 2006 release on Def Jam records that made minor splashes on the charts, just about breaking the Top 50 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. If I Got You Dancing is representative of the rest of Jigsaw, I’m rushing out to buy it as soon as it releases.

To tide over until then, I listen to I Got You Dancing – on repeat – multiple times a day. Lady Sovereign’s official website has a free download of the song available, along with a rather fun video, to get you hooked. As the Lady sings – “You wanna dance. I’ll bet you do.”


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