Must Hear: Do What You Like – Passenger


The opening chords of Passenger’s Do What You Like anticipate a fun and not-so-serious song about love, life and all the other usual things that pop bands sing about. Refreshingly, the song is a scathing “love song” about a man who finally realises that the woman he worships treats him like dirt. It’s the perfect song for anyone who’s needed the courage to say “[insert expletive of choice here] you!” to someone who completely deserves it.

 The frenetic music and Mike Rosenberg’s unique voice make Do What You Like the antithesis of what a pop song should be, all while subscribing to the aforesaid characteristics of a pop song – a conflicting combination with remarkable results. In Rosenberg’s own words, Passenger’s songs “share a certain quirkiness…it’s about story-telling – creating characters and sending them off on a journey”. In this case, I wasn’t only enjoying the character’s story, I was cheering him on! 


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