Artist Alert: Brazilian Girls


Don’t let the name Brazilian girls fool you – they’re a three-piece electronic pop/dance band from New York City and only one of them is a girl. Sabina Sciubba, Didi Gutman and Aaron Johnston debuted in 2003 playing gigs across the city and found an immediate loyal fan following (former bassist Jesse Murphy has since left the band to purse a solo project). 2005 saw the release of their self-titled debut album, which has been followed by two equally successful releases.

Their sound is an irresistible combination of instruments such as drums, synths,  and even the tabla, among others, accompanying Sciubba’s vocals – that may be in either Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese or English – and can most easily be described as unadulterated and uncensored fun (play attention to some of their lyrics to understand what I mean!). Their latest album New York City was also recently nominated for Best Electronic Album at the 51st Grammy Awards to be held in February 2009.

Watch the videos for two of my favourite Brazilian Girls songs, Don’t Stop and Good Times.


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