Artist Alert: Owl City


When I first came across Owl City, I was curious about their music just because of the band’s name. A little research revealed that it was not a band but a stage name for Adam Young of Owatonna, Minnesota. There doesn’t seem to be much other information out there about him, but I do know he likes photography, foreign accents and Sigur Rós, among other things.

Owl City has the rare ability to make music to sometimes nonsensical lyrics – which he says are metaphors – as he likes writing about his experiences in an abstract way. Nonetheless his electronic tunes are his signature sound that can’t really be compared to most other artists, independent or otherwise.

He’s currently unsigned and his music is available on iTunes, but you can listen to his music on the Owl City myspace page.


2 thoughts on “Artist Alert: Owl City

  1. This music is awesome! So soothing and original. He is getting more and more attention which is great! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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